hambakivi eemaldamine
Oral hygiene

Treatment and prevention of gum disease, dental plaque and calculus removal, dental X-ray.

Gum surgery

Effective surgical treatment as the next step of gum surgery.

hambaravi Tallinnas, hambaravi Kristiines
Dental care

Regular dental check-up, tooth extraction, replacement of old fillings.

endodontia, juureravi

Root canal treatment, cleaning infected root canals, restoring tooth with the filling or crown.


Prosthetic treatment, placing crowns, veneers, inlays or onlays, bridges.

Oral surgery

Tooth extraction, wisdom tooth extraction, root extraction.


Implant installation, temporary or final implant-supported crown placement, reconstructive procedures.

Tooth whitening

Teeth whitening with the use of gel and light activation, consulting each patient before and after procedure.