Dental care

Personal well-being begins with healthy teeth. Periodent offers full-service dental care, which, with our specialisation in periodontology, provides the patient with a complete overview of their oral health.

Dental care at Periodent

A regular visit to the dentist allows you to keep your teeth healthy. The dental procedures we perform at Periodent are as follows:

  • Dental cavity detection
  • Repair of dental defects
  • Replacement of fillings
  • Dental extraction

The common problems for which people seek dental treatment are toothache, gum pain, bleeding, fillings falling out, and the movement of teeth. If the dentist cannot help with the problem, the patient can be referred immediately to another specialist at Periodent.

We will prepare a plan

In dental care, Periodent adopts different perspectives on the fields of dental care. We keep an eye on the occurrence of problems that require the help of specialist support and on oral hygiene. We find the best solutions and map out the subsequent steps for the patient.

Address your dental care needs to us. Professional help is guaranteed.

Would you like a regular dental check-up or treatment option?