About the clinic

Periodent is the only periodontology clinic in Tallinn. Our staff includes veterans with years of experience in the field of dental and gum care, as well as young specialists who offer new techniques. 

The collective experience also benefits from bringing together different fields in the form of a single clinic. In addition to professional gum care, we offer classic dentistry, prosthodontics, gum and oral surgery, and hygiene and beauty treatments. While solving problems, this enables the ongoing involvement of specialists in different disciplines and interdisciplinary approaches for the well-being of the patient.

We prepare a plan for each patient, which is based on her or his specific needs. Collectively, we keep an overview of the oral health of the patient, and advise and refer them if necessary. We provide the patient with instructions on how to ensure good oral health for oneself.

We offer effective and diverse treatment for gum disease and teeth