Problems with the roots of teeth can affect anyone. Endodontics, or treatment of the root, deals with everything that includes the inside of the tooth.

Endodontic treatment helps in cases where tooth or gum problems have caused inflammation inside the tooth.

Endodontics at Periodent

Although the aim of multifaceted dental care is to prevent problems with the roots of teeth, such problems can unfortunately also occur in the healthiest teeth. Root inflammation can be caused by tooth cracks resulting from trauma, repeated dental treatment, or deep caries.

At the clinic, we perform comprehensive root treatment. Our endodontic services include the following options:

  • Dental radiography and examination of the roots of teeth
  • Removal of inflammatory nerves
  • Treatment and cleaning of infected root canals
  • Restoration of the tooth with a filling or crown.

When to seek medical advice?

The need for root treatment can be indicated by the long-term sensitivity or discolouration of a tooth, the long-term sensitivity, inflammation, swelling, or rotting of the gums. With regular dental check-ups, a hygienist or dentist helps to prevent, or treat, early root inflammation, even if the patient does not notice any typical symptoms.

We always keep you informed on the current state of your teeth and make prognoses of possible problems with which endodontic techniques can help.

We offer professional and effective root canal treatment.