Oral surgery

Oral surgery involves different fields of dental health. Periodent offers a range of surgical treatments, and our specialists are always ready to refer you to a surgical procedure if necessary.

Oral surgery options at Periodent

Periodent specialises in oral surgery for teeth and gums. The options that we offer are as follows:

  • Dental extraction
  • Wisdom teeth extraction
  • Dental root extraction
  • Opening of abscesses
  • Correction of gum structure

The procedures are preceded by a thorough consultation or monitoring.

Post-surgical support

After each oral surgery procedure, we give the patient precise instructions on the necessary medications (painkillers, antibiotics) and hygiene (soft foods, eating with one side of the mouth, refraining from touching the tooth).

We give advice on what to do in case of complications, such as suture dehiscence, excessive bleeding or pain, swelling or hematomas. If necessary, we will consult you by telephone or arrange a personal consultation.

We offer diverse surgical treatment options.